Fraternity Membership

Brother Testimonials

Francisco González (ΓC Α)

As a teenager, I never envisioned myself graduating from high school, let alone college. But I did. These accomplishments cannot be attributed solely to the burning desire of wanting to turn my life around. There had to be more to redefine my character.

In truth, I had friends who were holding me down and getting me in trouble with the law. I recall a time while I was pledging, one night before my criminal law midterm, when I was awakened by a crazy fight that led to a stabbing and near death of some vato partying at my apartment. It was one of my homies who stuck him over an unresolved dispute. There was blood everywhere. Because of my affiliation with the aggressor, I was blamed, handcuffed, and charged for the crime.

The next morning, I called my pledge brother "Cuba" (Harry Williams) and told him I was dropping from the pledging process. Somehow, however, he convinced me to reconsider.

I was a lost soul. The odds were against me. But at that moment, I knew someone cared. I knew I had a choice. Now that I reflect on the past, I realize that becoming a part of Sigma Delta Alpha has really changed my life. I did not trade friends per se, but I did trade one way of living for another. I have to thank the principles of this organization, for I always believed in them but was never able to proactively act upon them. This brotherhood was the positive influence I needed to sharply change my behavior, future, and destiny.

Michael Klein (ΓC Η)

When I started pledging for Sigma Delta Alpha, I had already spent four years in the Army as an Airborne Infantryman and had completed two combat tours in Iraq. In other words, I was a fish out of water and was having a very difficult time readjusting to civilian life. For instance, it was hard for me to relate to people and I sometimes had trouble controlling my emotions. Sigma Delta Alpha provided me with a support system that was absent from my life. During the pledging process, I became friends with my pledge brothers and got to meet some of the other brothers as my journey went on. They helped me get through this difficult time in my life.

Once I was a brother, I was able to further develop my character. Being that my background was a ridged military lifestyle, I needed to learn how to deal with civilians. The fraternity provided me with the opportunity to become a stronger individual. I was fortunate enough to hold leadership positions and to have the opportunity to become a part of the legacy of Sigma Delta Alpha.

I love Sigma Delta Alpha. I am blessed to have accidently found this organization and I love the friendships and bonds that I have developed throughout the years. I now find myself mentoring younger brothers and encouraging them to set goals for themselves. I can honestly say that Sigma Delta Alpha will be a part of my life until the day I die. It has helped me change my life and for that I am forever grateful.

Jorge Paz (ΓC Κ)

I have benefited from the fraternity in several ways. For one, the brothers of Sigma Delta Alpha provided me with the support I needed to achieve one of my most important goals: to graduate from college. Because of their help, the challenges that college life brings were easier to overcome. Being around these self-motivated gentlemen, many of whom share my ethnic and socioeconomic background, allowed me to realize that academic success was attainable and within my reach. The fraternity has also allowed me to get more involved in my community and college campus. We participate in many events throughout the year, which definitely adds more value to one's college experience.

Hugo Cruz (ΓC Λ)

Through Sigma Delta Alpha, I have met some of the most inspiring and talented individuals at UNLV, who I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. Also, the wide variety of personalities and perspectives that make up Sigma Delta Alpha is remarkable. Although we have our differences, we are an unbreakable network of individuals who look after each other, no matter what. I can personally vouch for guys who have been there for me through thick and thin. We constantly keep each other motivated to graduate and become success stories, and I feel proud to call these gentlemen my brothers. There is no doubt that when you join Sigma Delta Alpha, you make some of the best memories you will ever have.

Guadalupe López (ΓC Μ)

Taking on a credit-overload the semester I decided to pledge for Sigma Delta Alpha was not a smart thing to do. However, it was well worth it at the end and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I was a junior at UNLV when I first heard of the fraternity and I knew a friend of mine had recently become a brother. I decided to pledge and I have to say it was one of the best times I have ever had in my college career. The experience was definitely like no other. I grew very close to people I would not have otherwise met. Since I became a member, Sigma Delta Alpha has helped me in many ways through networking and lending a hand when needed. I have brothers who I can always depend on, and I love them and am there for them as they have been there for me.

Javier Muruato (ΓC Π)

Sigma Delta Alpha has been, is, and will continue to be a great experience for me. This organization has allowed me to become more involved in college life, and has taught me how to organize and manage events that will surely prove to be an invaluable skill for my success in the work force. Not only has Sigma Delta Alpha helped develop me into a leader, but it has also provided me with a network of truly extraordinary gentlemen. My bonding experiences with the members of this fraternity can only be described as "brotherhood," and because the fraternity is constantly expanding, from individuals to whole new chapters at different universities, I know there will always be brothers who abide by the same purposes I have grown to love.